Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yea! 11.30pm its ME TIME

Yippie! Kiddos finally went to bed. At last i got my own quiet time laying down while checking fb,emails and plan for tomorrow activities. Tomorrow is day#4 school holiday. Ive no idea what I am going to cook for bfast and lunch. Perhaps nasi lemak from makcik at the shoplot area ngeee and tapau kfc for lunch. Yeap ramadhan is just around the corner. So this coming weekend is going to be a very hectic weekend for us because I and the other half have to re fill the empty fridge and pantry with foods. My Abah pulak nk buat family lunch for the whole family including my uncles and aunties on la mak jemah nk kena potong bawang.

Before I start my night ritual reading with technical paper reading about satellite *yawn let's take an hour break reading this novel. I bought this book 5yrs ago but never read it. Why on earth I chose this book over other interesting books from the book section at  Asda during the biz,trip in UK? Mungkin sbn ada wajah julia robert dkt cover tu. Huhu  Dah beli, penat mengangkut kenala bacakan.

Ok sambung membaca..semoga tak ter tido


Ummu Iman Amsyar said...

Boleh ke one hour? klu kita..mesti exceed :P esp klu ceritanya best :)

SARAH AMIN said...

X sempat sejam kita dah stop..boring yg amat..hehe