Friday, August 30, 2013

What a great day today.

I feel great today bcoz:
1. Today is Friday..yippie!
2. open house during lunch break at Nurul's house. free food, people!
3. My first very own nephew born last Friday is now at my house. His name is Muhammad Daniyal Imaan. Ayong miss you so much sweety pie..kita polok2 petang ni ye.
4. I managed to cook meal for mummy Imaan yg dalam pantang. dua menu dlm masa stgh jam. siap! lengkap dgn kopi O seteko.
5. I br lepas merajuk dgn my hubby...smlm dah kawan balik...hihihi
6.Today is Adam go to school wearing his baju melayu. There will be hary raya cum merdeka day celebration a school. Bila sy tgk Adam pakai bj melayu, dia nmpk tall, dark and remy ishak..cewah! bajet sgt kan.
Aisy dah besar dah anak mami ni.
7. My parents is coming today and my uncle will also drop by at our house tomorrow.
8. Car loan for Saga SV has been approved. The car is not is for my little sister but I will also will lenjan her car after this. ngehngehngeh.
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