Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My other half and his birthday celebration

Kesayangan saya, buah hati sy now dah 34 yrs old. tak ada celebration except a humble banner 'welcome home' sbb kebetulan dia baru pulang dari urusan keje luar. The kids and I were so excited preparing the banner, Adam sibuk warnakan huruf2 cantik and then kitaorg gantung di dinding. we have 30minutes left before Mr hubby arrived from the airport. Kelam kabut saya mandikan empat hero tu, the clock was ticking and tak sempat pakaikan Amar baju, ayah dah sampai depan pintu. I gave each one a birthday party hat  party yg glitter2 tu dan wisel. Amar sempat pakai diaper je bila saya pakaikan topi tu. we're so excited and once  I opened the front door, the kids terus jerit 'happy birthday ayah!' sambil tiup wisel.

He didn't gave us the reaction that I was looking for and even didnt say thanks pun pada saya. kek dia potong without tasting it until saya suap dia one bite and then that's it. what a sad story kan? but I will never give up..there will be more birthday suprise for him for the next 50yrs. I guess he was too tired sbb tu dia tak rasa excited pun.

happy birthday syg..semoga panjang umur dan sihat selalu.The kids always crazy about you..you're our superhero and you're their idol.

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