Friday, May 11, 2012

it's Friday again..yippie!

Happy Friday everyone..

for all Protonians, how do you feel about new company dress code?

For Mr Engineer, I wish you guys good luck ..wearing a tie everyday for 8 hours, walking from parking lot to RND center must be quite challenging..i don''t know if you are able to survive even for a week with our climate and the heat, imagine if you have to stay in workshop with no air cond..sian.. hehehe, i propose you buy a t shirt yg ada design tie tu, from distance you still looks like you're wearing a neckti tie. j..hihihi

for miss and Ms engineer, we're not HR, finance, marketing exec. they are trained to be fashionable and stylo. we're not.. so what will we wear on Tuesday until Thursday? a dark pant with a loose blouse...heheheh boring!

me? i will wear Proton's uniform everyday until they worn out.


Khairul Hakimin B. Muhammad said...

proton uniform?


Bonda Adam said...

aik..ada org terganggu dgn oroton uniform..hehe

-bebelmakcik- said...

hehe, a'ar laa orang utagha jugak.. area sungai petani,kedah..
akak pun orang utara jugak kah?

insyaallah saya akan terus membebel kat sini selagi mampu..
maklum laa baru lagi dalam blogger nie, mintak tunjuk ajar jugak ! ^_^

-salam kenal-