Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homeschool and Glass room - amazing design

Hi all,

Bz today? me ? naah... hihihi . Since yesterday, not much work to do so I have plenty of time doing research on home school and Montessori at home. This will be new project for me at home during weekend. Adam is now 3 plus and going to be 4 this October. He is ready for homeschool until he reaches 5. Next year i will send him to Tadika. so this year, my aim is to get him recognise alphabet, numbers, colors and arts. reading? counting? nope..for me boys are difficult to teach compared to girl. lainla kalau genetik mak bapak mmg pandai, anak tak kira gender pun cepatla tangkap kot..hihihi

Apart of doing research on homeschooling, i also spent some time on Pinterest. my favourite website, inspired me to be an organized person, to be a great interior designer for my own house. berangan lagi..hihihi

since our own house is targeted to be ready to move in by early next year..i must do budgeting on renovation, lighting, kitchen, and decoration. since our pocket tak dalam, so major renovation will not take place until 3-4 yrs. I only has budget for kitchen extension since the kitchen area is too small. takde moodla nak masak kalau dapur kecil..hihihi alasan.

googleing around then layan pinterest for design ideas... i found this pictures..a glass room, with greens for me to spend my golden days reading quran, novels, chit chat with my dearest hubby... waaa superb! love it and i want it to become a part of my house. insyaAllah. seb baik ada tanah sekangkang kera untuk the picture, the size is quite besar, so for my own nanti, i plan to make it 10ft x 20 ft... kecik je.. hihihi..

Imagine dok baca novel dlm bilik kaca sambil tgk pemandangan luar yg ijau dari tanah sekangkang kera kat luar tu...waaa dunia kecil sayan yg hijau je. bestnye..ceh berangan lagi


Anonymous said...

kakteh pun berangan ada umah kaca cam nie. tapi rasa x sesuai kat malaysia... adik beradik kuat berangan...kiki

Bonda Adam said...

like daughters like mother...ahahah arwah mak pun kuat berangan jugak hal2 cenggini...ingat tak?

Anonymous said...

ingat2... miss mak (normah binti Mohammad).. semoga di tempatkan dikalangan orang beriman. Amin