Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yesterday day out with Hubby and Adam

I took AL yesterday, purposely to settle my housing loan, EPF etc2. yea..finally I received letter offer from HSBC and collected our S&P from Lawyer office. Adam refused to go to his school (he called nursery sekolah budak kecil) as he said he want to go work with mami and ayah. ok lah Adam, this time you can go work with mami kay..hehehe

Adam was super excited. Suddenly he acted like a big guy, with a calm face, he informed the twins that he's not going to school (he called nursery as school budak kecil)as he will go to work with mami and ayah. Yang sikembar tu siap angguk2 and pandang Adam mcm amaze sgt Adam dah besar and pegi kerja.

Adam sit quietly at rear seat in my myvi, act mcm orang besar. But everytime we passed by the mall, he asked me to stop. ahahah mami not working at shopping mall ye darling. Kerja mami sgt boring, dalam kilang... Running out of time, we had no choice except to ignore his request. We went straight to HSBC Puchong..but letter offer only ready by 2pm ..sementara nak siap, we left the bank and went to lawyer office in KL pula. Settle kat situ then pegi pula Maybank seksyen 20 to cash  bank draft hubby.

Drop by at Mc D for lunch, terpaksa drive thru because Adam soundly asleep at the rear seat. Tak sampai hati nak kejut. ooo ngular ek Adam, kata nak keje dengan mami.

 Pukul 2 terpacak dekat HSBC, dapat LO pegi EPF pulak untuk keluarkan duit beli rumah...yea! settle semuanya, tapi dah pukul 5.30.. sian Adam. I thought we still have plenty of time to let him play at play area in IOI mall tau2 dah pukul 5.30 baru settle then kena gi jemput anak2 lain. sorry darling, next time kay? Aduh bukan senang nak dapat rumah.

Proses membeli rumah is a prainstaking process especially for people like me who malas nak fill up so many forms and supporting documents from our HR, other bank etc.. really hate it. next time when i want to buy another house, i'll make sure all the records in CCRIS clear dulu for one whole year..kalau tak mcm2 supporting document kena submit to bank.

Bila dah settle loan rumah, dah dapat S&P, bolehla go to the next phase :berangan la apa lagi..hehehe. rumah kecil, tapi angan2 besar. nak buat itu nak baut ini/ why not kan? IKEA software kan ada untuk help me design rumah walalupun small space. hehehe...ada duit semua jadi sebenonye.

 kayla..today I am quite busy with ISO audit activity in my department. sooo many project files must be tagged and registered in ISO list. plus every two hours I will go pumping - power pumping tau..Alhamdulillah 1 week straight saya buat power pumping, EBM increased 5-6 oz more than before. I must maintain the EBM supply to ensure my Aryan fully BF. insyaAllah, semoga Allah permudahkan urusan saya dan suami dan memberi rezeki melimpah ruah pada kami dan anak2. amin.

till then..daaaaaa


Tishya said...

tetiba rasa terharu sgt sbb adam da besar huhuhhhu

Bonda Adam said...

tuhla..acting mcm dah matured sgt..