Tuesday, February 14, 2012

new obsession - pinterest n personal update

Facebook? not any more.. mami Adam ni dah obsess with new site called pinterest... what is pinterest? you can click here for details.. http:\\pinterest.com. i love this site as it really inspire me with so many cool ideas esp for home organizing n deco.. i love to see the pinned photos as well...the photos are all gorgeous you know!

Because of this new obsession, sy pun mulalah terpengaruh dgn perabot2 yg cantik2 yg di pinkan kat pinterest. terasa nak deco rumah dgn perabot2 yg cool cam dlm gambar. I am now eyeing at a few furniture shop at our neighbourhood area looking for display cabinet for my books. They have a lot of design but does not suit my criteria...i want a simple design, durable, white, and most importantly cheap! ahahah boley camtu?

How I wish I have time to survey from shop to shop to find the cabinet that i am looking for.. at the moment, all my books are scattered everywhere, in the smallest room upstairs. before this I have a desk where I displayed all my books on it. Few weeks ago I decided to dismantle the desk becoz it took a lot of room space and then I transformed the room from my so called office room to a play room for the boys..

Now i desperately need to buy a book shelve to tastefully keep and display my books and files mcm dlm pinterest tu..

another update: as u all know,  I have a very long checklist for 2012 resolution. one of my wish is to reduce my body weight from 71kg during my last pregnancy to target weight of 52kg when Aryan reach 6 months.  before i get married, my weight is about 50kg but after married n during 1st pregnancy, my weight increased by almost 20kg.. and only lost about 10kg after i delivered Adam. and during my 2nd pregnancy, the my weight increased again by only 12kg (jadi berat berapa?? ahaha you do the maths)..bukan diet tapi tak boleh makan, asal mkn aje saya muntah. After i delivered the twins, i manage to reduce the weight until 54kg..but then I get pregnant again and this time my body weight increased a lot... during the 9th months pregnant, my weight was about 71kg.. the worst among all my pregnancy history..wakaka..my belly was so huge, i was exactly looks like one of teletubbies, the cartoon character.

after i delivered Aryan, my weight reduce to 60kg and the weight stagnant for 3 months...luckily it is slowly decreasing.  I proudly want to announce here that Aryan is now 6 months old and  i am now 53kilos only 3 kilos heavier than En hubby... ehehehe ok what for a mother of four, En Hubby lainlah, dia tak pregnant and he is underweight (my MIL already make a statement that i didn't feed hubby enough,ya ya ya ).. however, i can't get rid the excess skin on my belly...the skin is no more elastic as it stretched to the max for three times and the worst iwas during my twins pregnancy. so it is now look so flabby like a flat tyre..eheheh what to do.. hubby pun jeling2 je la..nak wat camno kan..selalu la dok imagine buat liposuction and cosmetic surgery, tegangkan balik perut tu mcm Kate (dalam siri 'Jon and Kate plus eight') buat after deliver her sextuplets..tapi case dia tu mmg le wajib buat sbb huduh sgt perut dia tu..ok tu je nak cerita..

summary of my stories:
1. i like pinterest
2. i want to buy a cheap display cabinet
3. my weight loss program berjaya!

ahaha kan senang kalau pendekkan je cerita .. buat susah2 je describe panjang lebar..what to do, makcik happy hari ni..byk plak ngomel takde sbb

kayla..nak get ready for lunch...lunch hour.yea! got to go...daaa


Tishya said...

can imagine you mengomel like this at surau while pumping.. hehe

Bonda Adam said...

Wakaka...sila imagine... Gegendang telinga korang mesti non stop bergetar esp kalau ada eli bersama daku..

FiraHamzah said...

haha.. lawak ok entry ko ni..pening aku tgk nombor2 berat ko tuh..
finally berjaya ek~ harus la berjaya, ko jaga 4 org hero kecik tuh...
btw, aku suka gak lah kat pinterest tuh! ni mendatangkan ilham nih nak deco bilik anak2..hehe.thanks babe :P nanti ko jumpa perabot yang murah2 inform2 tau..nak jugakkk! ahaks! :p

Bonda Adam said...

Babe... Best kan pinterest tu.. Bersemangat nk lawakan rumah...

Pasal citer kurus tu, ko xtau camne aku melantak waktu siang, tp mlm diet cam nk rak..hihihi