Friday, February 24, 2012

Deco Idea: Girls bedroom

Hi all..

How's your day today ladies? Today is Friday, so I bet most of you can't wait to leave office as tomorrow is Saturday..yea!. I am also sooo excited because tonight we will travel back to my hometown..Guar Chempedak. A small kampung in Kedah. Really miss my family and my lovely grandma who is now spending her free time mengaji, beribadah and playing jigsaw puzzle. she's so expert playing jigsaw puzzle. kalau takat yg 100pcs tu kacang je tu..

I received one request from one of my blog reader..hehehe poyo jek..mcm hardcore blogger. actually she's one of my besties, kak nora. Kak Nora ni has two adorable bam bam daughter nama Alya and Adik (sorry kak, i forgot the little one name). Kak Nora plan nak create a bedroom for her two princesses.

Hmm when we talk about girls bedroom, of course there are two words will pop out from our mind: Pink and fairytale. hihihihi waaa seronoknye Alya and Adik becoz you have mommy yg nak decorate bilik for both of you.

ok kak nora, here are some Deco ideas..specially for the two cutees:

Ok we start the most expensive, impossible to-do idea:

Below pic: Cinderalla bed! wow..i will kiss my mom 100 times a day if she made my bed like this.  ok ke Kak Nora? semak sketla..and too pinky.. Alya may not like it.

Below: Ini bilik baby, comel! suke!  baby cot yg sgt seronok.. comel je kalu baby girl nap dlm cot ni with mommy kan? kan?

Yang ni pun comel...purple and pillow kecil2 tu warnanya contrast with the color theme.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Yang ni cute and adorable. I like the wall deco and girlish and cute. 

Simple je ..and clean decoration. Head board tu cantik just white bedsheet not suitable for kids.. design mcm bilik hotel

Purple! kalau soft mmg sesuai dgn girl arrangment tu saya suka

Aisy..ini idea bernas untuk bilik 4 bujang kecil saya..suka suka! sorry kak topic plak

I like this design. tapi kena customize katil tu. compact and the most important is it is white! nampak cerah dan bersih. tukar quilt tu dgn pink quilt kat atas...waaa mesti Alya suka.. cuma at the moment, mesti dua2 gigirl kak nora ni akan tido sekatil sbb boring tido sorang2 and tak nampak apa yg sorang lagi tgh buat..heheeh tapi when they become a teenager, they will have their own space. trust me they will appreciate it.
sorry ye sbb tak dpt detailkan semuanya as i don't know the room size and budget, boleh share idea tema je lah.. heheheh kalau nak angkat saya jadi ID kak nora, boleh PM me.. FOC je..suka berangan, seronok kalau dapat direalisasikan.. Happy weekend everyone..

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Nora said...

Thanks Sarah. Akak suke design yg purple tu tp maybe tuka kaler campur pink sket. Yg blik tuk 4 org tu ok gak tp cam sarah ckp skang diaorg share queen bed jimat space. Yg adik nama Yana, so far skang ni 2 girls ni tido ngan kitaorg. Kunun2 nk deco girls room dgn harapan leh separate room. Thanks again tuk pic tu. Leh gak kan appoint Sarah jd ID. uhuhuhu nnt kite cite lg.