Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boy's Bedroom

Hi Ladies,

I am so excited to share with you  on what I found from Pinterest (love it! Pinterest is my total stress reliever)...Deco idea for Boys bedroom! superb...

Currently this is my boys' bedroom looks like..

No theme, plain, dull and boring! hehehe rumah sewa katakan..alasan sungguh.
single bed is belongs to Adam. and the double bed is belongs to the twins.. actually this is our master bedroom but i had no choice except to allocate the room for boys. They need extra space but for mami and ayah don't mind to have smaller room..lagi kecik lagi bagus..:P

Ok takpe, lepas ada rumah sendiri, mami dah janji pada diri sendiri to design the best, coolest, marvellous bedroom for your guys.. kay? insyaAllah..

jom scroll down for deco idea..

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

My comment: Mickey theme. yes my boys would love them as they are now love mickey character, but what if when they start to obsess with other cartoon character like boboy boi? ben 10? ultraman? jenuhla mami nak re decorate balik
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

My comment: sarat..serabut..a big NO! and i have rule for my toys in their room..

My comment: love the A character on the wall..A for Adam, A for Amir, A for Amar and A for Aryan. great idea nad I love it!

My comment: Katil tu ok, tapi mcm bosan sket.. sama bosan dengan bilik anak2 saya

My comment: Bedsheet tu mesti adam suka

My comment: love the idea..suitable for a small room..compact ..ada 4 katil for my 4 boys.. all of them can sleep in 1 room..i am ok to give them our master bedroom (bila ada rumah sendiri nanti) but the color must be changed..maybe wihte or blue..masculine la sket..

I want four of them sleep in 1 room and only can have their own room when they reach 13 yrs old. that's mommy's 2nd rule..kejam tak? 


Tishya said...

sumer cantik! sweet sgt sarah nk beri master bedroom for all the boys =)

Bonda Adam said...

have to la tisya//hehehe diaorg majority