Monday, February 13, 2012

Ayan Cupi and HFMD

My little bunny, Aryan Sufi was suspected infected by HFM virus.. what is HFM? HFM= is a disease called Hand Foot Mouth Disease caused by a virus called coxsackie (i don't know to spell it). this disease cause blisters or symptom like chicken pox at palms, hands, nappy area and foot plus ulcer in the child mouth... sian tau.

Actually my Aryan looks fine except he has a few spots on his right arm and palm looks like chicken pox. he's not having any fever or runny nose. he's just fine, happy and cheeky as usual but because the nursery he stayed already have two HFM cases and both tots were warded and the situation were quite severe, so the nursery management insisted parents to take extra precaution and to always check children if they have any symptom like HFMD. Aryan disyaki terkena HFM juga..

For one whole night I couldn't sleep worrying about  him. what if he got this penyakit? aduhai, kuruslah Aryan sbb tak dpt mkn. so this morning i decided to bring him to Clinic..we went to Shah alam specialist hospital, both of us waited patiently hugging each other, kissing each other,...wakakaka kissing who? not hubby la...kissing my aryanla...kitaorg dua org je pegi..loving sgt..kasi semua org yg melihat jeles (or muntah hijau..please la mcm ko sorg je ada anak..kikiki)

finally we manage to see a lady doctor. She said Aryan is ok, the symptom is not HFM, but more toward hygiene issue..wakakaka tangan tak basuh..she didn't prescribe Aryan with any medication as Aryan loks healthy for her. dah takde sakit, apa lagi, balikla... beli mc D drive thru and mamam kat rumah..Aryan ambik bau je..

i send him off to nursery, inform his bbsitter that he's ok..and happily heading my way to work. so here i am, sitting on my chair at my stupid cubicle updating my blog..ahahaha

ok get back to work lady! daaaa


Tishya said...

awww tamola aryan kurus.. takbesh laaa hehe

FiraHamzah said...

kes macam anak2 aku nih :P
semoga cepat sembuh anak2.. :D ko pun jaga diri beb..aku nih lepas anak2 sakit, aku pulak jatuh demam and dah 2 minggu nih aku selsema..penat jaga budak2 sakit.

Bonda Adam said...

Tisya, xkan nk debabkan mcm aufa cute anak sedara u tu..

Fira, budak2 kalau bercampur gaul dgn budak2 lain mmg camtu..selalu sakit..saboje la..hehehe ko pun berjangkit dgn anak agaknya..x cukup rehat kot..take care babe