Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tips for working mommy - balancing work and family life

hye..I found 1 article from 1 booklet in my surau- BALANCING WORK AND FAMILY LIFE. Jom menelaah!

The key to balancing work and family lies in your ability to manage fatigue, stress and family life

1. Manage your stress

You experience more stress when you become parents. mastering this phase of life requires you to deal with stress effectively. You need to improve skills as both an individual and as a couple.

2. Improve the way you cope as an individual

  • Take care of your self by eating a balanced diet and having enough rest and exercise

  • maintain friendships with other adults and share your worries with those whom you trust

  • Constantly give yourself positive messages and do not make comparisons

3. Improve the way you cope as a couple

  • Support each other's individual as well as joint parenting efforts

  • Be aware of your spouse's signs of stress and find ways to help him or her to relive them

4. managing your familiy life

Make your family a priority

  • Make the most of family time. Plan special family events. Do not waste your weekends on housework. Head to the park, beach or visit places of interest, instead.

  • Trade at least one individual activity for a family activity. For instance, replace golf with family walks in the parks

  • Bring home instead working overtime at the office. You're at least accessible to your baby when you work from home. Try to avoid working late at the office.

Avoid the 'superparent' syndrome

  • There's no such thing as a perfect parent, trying to be a 'supermom' by pushing yourself on all fronts will affect your health

Re-examine your standards for housekeeping

  • Make list and prioritise the task to be accomplished

  • Simplify tasks whenever possible

  • Combine the errand into one trip

coretan perasaan kini: tgh rindu my little Aryan + ngantuk + nak shopping kasut keje!!!!

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