Sunday, June 12, 2011

Online Shopping Again

Not much to do today except email something to the other project team and sit quietly at my desk and blog hopping. I am feeling totally unwell today, feeling gloomy and nausea too! mcm nak muntah je mual2. Women usually not feeling comfortable during their first trimester, but for me, third trimester is very challenging because I will experience what ever women usually feel during their early pregnancy - nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure, mood swing etc2.

Since I have so much free time, I browse through one online baby store, looking for potty training pants for Abg Adam. He is now almost 3yrs and ready to be potty trained. He's quite talkative now and can make a full sentence like " mami, adam nak nenen (susu botol okay)" or "mami, Adam nak mandi dengan amar" or " mami, sekolah Adam dekat sana" or " Adam nak tgk Dibo, bukan cerita tu" etc2. so in conclusion, I assume he also can inform me once he feel he needs to go to toilet like " mami, Adam nak berak or Adam nak kencing". hmm that' the most challenging part because he usually inform me after he's done with his 'bussiness" not before ok?. so to be safe, I must buy potty training pants to minimize the 'damage' that he will do on my sofa or carpet.

Yes, finally I found one in white. I order one pc only for trial and end up I ordered a few more things for me and Amar and Amir too..hehehe

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1. AUT103024 Autumnz: One Size Minky Snap Button Cloth Diaper *FREE 2 Inserts* - Dreamy Dots Blue
2. AUT103026 Autumnz: One Size Minky Snap Button Cloth Diaper *FREE 2 Inserts* - Patchy Pals
3. AUT400111 Autumnz: Belly Band (Ivory)
4. BB000975 Fertilemind: Belly Belt Combo Kit
5. BM5TPW13-16KG Bambino Mio: Reusable Training Pants (White) - 13-16kgs

I bought one pice of cloth diaper each for the twins for trial. thinking of going green after this, I decided to try this cloth diaper. if ok, then will buy more and more for them and for their little brother - baby Aryan (??) . let's save our planet! hihihihi

nota kaki: menu yg di plan tidak diikut mengikut jadual kerana saya terpaksa menghabiskan stok2 yg senang rosak di dalam peti ais seperti daun kesum, duan limau purut, sayur hijau etc.. no pic taken during our dinner and lunch during weekend. my plan was ruined by the boys...argh!

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