Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!

I still have 15 minutes before me and the ladies off for lunch. Until now we can't decide where to go or menu concept to choose:italian, japanese, malay ikan bakar? actually I am craving for roasted chicken at kenny rogers. nvm, that's can be fulfilled tomorrow with my boys. hihihih

Can't wait to see my boys after office hour. Plan to buy groceries, stock for next week at pasar malam depan rumah. Hmm talking about food, our main dish for this weekend & next week will be:

  • Saturday - Kenny rogers for dinner perhaps?

  • Sunday - breakfast : cekodok udang for the boys. sandwich for me and hubby / nasik lemak?
    lunch : deep fried ikan tenggiri + spicy sambal tumis as gravy + sayuran
    dinner : bubur nasik for the little ones + sambal udang & sayur2an for hubby

  • Monday - Dinner: ketam masak lemak cili api for hubby + ikan goreng masak asam for my boys

  • Tuesday - Asam pedas ikan pari + light chicken tomyam for my boys

  • Wednesday - Laksa + satay + spiral potato for the boys dari pasar malam..hehhee

  • Thursday - Seafood tomyam + telur dadar

  • Friday - Ikan bakar ala portugis? hmm mcm best ..campur sekali dng lady fingers. cecah air asam. alrite that's the best way to celebrate the coming weekend with hubby

ok..we'll see if I manage to follow the above menu schedule. I'll post photos as a proof ok?

so excited now, 5 minutes to go untuk sesi makan2 with friends. daaaaa

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