Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Antenatal Check up and the baby's name

I went to KPJ Selangor this morning for ANC. I am now 30wks preggy so starting this month, I will visit my Gynae, Dr siti every two weeks. can't wait to meet her again to check the baby's progress.

So far so good, apart of being diagnosed having Beta Thallasemia Trait, my baby's development is awesome. I can see him kicking, moving a lot from monitor when Dr siti is scanning my tummy. hehehehe

Until today I am still searching for a right name for my baby. I want a strong name for him, a name that means a leader. so far i have one name in my mind- aryan sufi. I like this name but some comments received form friends and family this name is not common and too strong for my little boy.

ok i tell you why.. Aryan means kekuatan penuh and sufi means ahli tassauf. so by combining these two names, it become kekuatan penuh ahli tassauf, a protector or someone that will protect ahli sufi...hmm i love the name.

okla Mami will call you Aryan Sufi. Anyway Aryan is almost simillar with his twins brother names: Amir Rayyan and Amar Rayyan. Sufi is almost similar to his Abg Adam name- Adam Saufy which i always pronounce Saufy as Sufi too...

love the name, love the Abg Adam and Amir and Amar a lot

love Ayah the most... :)

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Nihlah Insyirah said...

salam sarah..

baru tahu blog cikpuansarah sudah bertukar ke blog ini. tahniah sarah for your pregnancy..dah nak deliver pun..I'm happy for you. semoga segalanya dipermudahkan.